Who You Are

Have you ever given much thought about who you are? There are the basic things such as family name, your sex, eye, hair and skin colour. But these are things that we cannot change. Then there are the more fundamental things that make up who we are. Things such as our personalities, our character and our outlook on life. Our outook will be largely shaped by our past experiences. The kind of home we grew up in, how we were treated — was your growing up years a positive or negative experience for you?

If you grew up in a home that was positive and affirming, you are most fortunate. But if you grew up in a home where you were told that you were fat, stupid and ugly, you will more that likely believe that that it is true. What you believe about yourself will be predicated on what you were told all those years when you were growing up. Tragically our present is often shaped by our past experiences.

The really tragic thing is people believe what has been told to them. Yet nothing could be further from the truth.

What is the truth?

It is this — every one has value and worth. In God’s sight each one of us has dignity, worth and are loved. We are now entering Easter Week, the most sacred and holy time on the Christian calendar. The events of this week are proof positive of God’s affirmation of our value in His sight. We are loved, valued and seen as having worth by God Himself.

So the next time someone asks who you are, you can say “I am loved and have value because God don’t make no junk”!


About faithfullyhis

My name is Charles Quail and I am a retired Baptist pastor who lives in Dunnville,a small town southeast of Hamilton, Ontario. I also write a weekly column for our local newspaper, The Sachem. It is a column that I have been writing for about eight years. I am married and have two grown daughters. My best buddy was my dog Max, who is now chasing bunny rabbits in sky. I miss him terribly. My reason for wanting to write a blog is friends have told me that this is the next logical step in my writing career. My hope and prayer is that many will be both challenged and blessed by what I write.
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