A “Loon”y Tune

My wife and I spent the weekend in French River at our nephew’s cottage, or in northern parlance, their camp. We were looking after our two great-nephews while they attended a wedding in North Bay. My what active boys they are. The youngest who is 18 months old is a climber and the oldest, 3 years old, is into everything. They sure kept us hopping.

The most peaceful part of the day was the evening, when the boys were put to bed. The oldest would say that he really wasn’t  tired at all. But put him to bed, and “zonk”,  he would be gone, out like a light.

There is something about the call of a loon that is magical. Each night that we were there they put on a performance that was awe-inspiring. I really don’t know how many loons were calling to each other out on the river but the sound of their call was magnificent  and truly beautiful. The only way that  its call can be described is it is a haunting and lonely sound.

Yet how easy it is for us to take such things for granted.

Loons are part of God’s creation, as we are as well. Every one of us has a purpose and we are loved in the sight of God. And God loves His whole creation down to the tiniest insect that crawls the face of the earth.

Each has a purpose. Loons are made to live in the northern waters of our country. They are water birds who can swim amazing distances under water and live on a diet of fish, frogs and so on.

We are made to serve God. Most of us cannot swim very far under  water, but we can serve the Lord. This what ought to give us our most enjoyment, serving God, and that is no loony tune!





About faithfullyhis

My name is Charles Quail and I am a retired Baptist pastor who lives in Dunnville,a small town southeast of Hamilton, Ontario. I also write a weekly column for our local newspaper, The Sachem. It is a column that I have been writing for about eight years. I am married and have two grown daughters. My best buddy was my dog Max, who is now chasing bunny rabbits in sky. I miss him terribly. My reason for wanting to write a blog is friends have told me that this is the next logical step in my writing career. My hope and prayer is that many will be both challenged and blessed by what I write.
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2 Responses to A “Loon”y Tune

  1. Donna says:

    I love the sound of loons too. Used to have a cassette tape with their soft and etherial (SP?) calls. Don’t suppose you recorded them? (grin)

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