Shuffle Off to Buffalo?

There’s an old song that goes something like this: Off we’re going to shuffle, shuffle off to Buffalo — one place that I certainly wouldn’t want to shuffle off to right now. Being at the end of Lake Erie and considering all the moist air that is picked up as air currents make their way across the lake, Buffalo is usually a place that expects heavy snowfalls. But what they have been socked with is beyond the pale. Over two metres of snow is just ridiculous.

It is easy for us to sit in our nice comfy houses and gloat about the problems that the people of Buffalo are experiencing, but what if it was us that it  was happening to? What if the snow shovel was in our hands? I must admit that I have thought “better them than us”, and that I have thought “they’re Americans, they deserve it”, but these certainly aren’t fair thoughts to be thinking, are they?

Instead, I should be praying for the people of Buffalo, and that they would get some much needed relief very soon. So let’s uphold the people of Buffalo in our prayers that they would know that they are not alone in this time of crisis.



About faithfullyhis

My name is Charles Quail and I am a retired Baptist pastor who lives in Dunnville,a small town southeast of Hamilton, Ontario. I also write a weekly column for our local newspaper, The Sachem. It is a column that I have been writing for about eight years. I am married and have two grown daughters. My best buddy was my dog Max, who is now chasing bunny rabbits in sky. I miss him terribly. My reason for wanting to write a blog is friends have told me that this is the next logical step in my writing career. My hope and prayer is that many will be both challenged and blessed by what I write.
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