About Rev. Dr. Charles Quail, B. A., M. Div., D. Min.

Hello to all of you who may be reading this for the first time. If I may, let me tell you a little bit about myself, I am a retired Baptist  pastor who lives in Dunnville, Ontario, a small  town southeast of the city of Hamilton, Ontario. I am married to the most beautiful woman in the world and have two beautiful grown daughters (girls are great!). My best buddy was my dog Max with whom I enjoyed long walks. He is now chasing bunny rabbits in the sky. One of the hardest things I have ever had to do was make the decision to have him put to sleep. I grieve his loss, but I am convinced that I will see him again some day.

Before retiring I pastored three churches, and was interim pastor at two more. Unfortunately at my last church I burned out and had to resign my position as pastor. Burnout among pastors is something that is happening all too often these days. Churches today ought to take more responsibility and make sure their pastor is taking time for his/herself and their families. Many churches expect their pastors to keep trucking along, no matter what may be happening in their lives.  But I digress.

One of my great loves in life is writing. I was writing a weekly faith column in our local newspaper, the Dunnville Chronicle, but it ceased publication about two years ago. I am now writing for “The Sachem” a weekly newspaper that is distributed throughout all of Haldimand County. My column can be found at www.sachem.ca. Just click under opinion, click on columns, and you will find it there. This something that I have been doing for the twelve years.

I hope that you are challenged and encouraged by what you read in this blog and I look forward to hearing from my readers so that together we may grow in faith and love for our Lord.

4 Responses to About Rev. Dr. Charles Quail, B. A., M. Div., D. Min.

  1. Rose & John Sigouin says:

    Rev. Charles Quail – 25 years ago (October 28th, 1989) you brought happiness into the lives of two people in the City of Sudbury; John & Rose Sigouin. As you joined us in marriage at the Calvary Baptist Church and that bond has kept us together. We just wanted to contact you and say thank- you.

    It is wonderful to hear that you and Joy along with your daughters are doing well. While you may not have your own church, I know that the Lord will always be in your heart and your kindness is giving without question.

    If you ever return to Sudbury please look us up, it would be wonderful to see you again.
    Rose & John Sigouin

    • Hi Rose and John, what a surprise to hear from you after all these years. I am glad that you are doing well and that you are about to celebrate your 25th anniversary, so Happy Anniversary! Joy and I just celebrated 31 years together. Unfortunately, lasting marriages are an uncommon thing these days. I have been retired for some years now but keep busy writing a faith based weekly column for our local newspaper. If you like, I can send you my latest column, so please let me know. Unfortunately we don’t get up to Sudbury as often as we used to, but we were up there two weekends ago for one of Joy’s aunts 90th birthday.
      I would have loved to see you again. Blessings and Shalom, Chuck Quail+

  2. Chuck Balik says:

    My dear friend Charles, I too have fond memories of you and the role you played in my life. You were my supervisor friend taking me to the finish line of ordination. I have thought of you over the years and wondered where you’d landed and what you were up to. Our marriages are about the same in length and Valerie and I also celebrate a long married life together. I have been back in Ottawa for 17 years pastoring the church I grew up in. Our kids too are grown and soon our eldest will me married. If you are ever in Ottawa or want to come for a visit we have a guest room for you and Joy. Grace and peace to you my brother and may this Christmas season be incredibly special for you and your precious family.

    Your brother Chuck

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